Railcar Derailment Cleanup

Railcar derailments happen frequently. Knowing how to handle documentation, cleanup, repair and inspection quickly and efficiently is key to ensuring effective fleet management. MGH Railcar can dispatch teams across Western Canada for shortline and elevator yard derailments.


Flexible Support Options

MGH Railcar is here to support you in whatever way your company needs our assistance.

Western Canada Derailment Service

It's important to carefully document any derailments and to handle cleanup appropriately to ensure materials are disposed of and proper authorities alerted. We can help you put together a plan of action if a derailment occurs.

Rerail and Rail Inspection

We can dispatch crews from most major urban centers in Western Canada to quickly deal with tipped or derailed cars. We deploy specialized equipment to deal with loaded car derailments, and ensure that derailments are documented and photographed before commencing work. Our rail repair and inspection services will get you back on track.

Railcar Cleanup & Salvage

If a railcar is damaged beyond repair, we can handle cleaning up the site and dismantling the car on site for salvage. We work with local salvage companies to reduce transportation costs and ensure the best salvage rates.

Available Services

  • Rerail and Inspections
  • Rail Repair and Inspections
  • On-site Scrapping
  • Waste Management
  • Emergency Call Out

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